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Of the things that make Trish happiest, art and dancing/music are at the top of the list. In 1996 she discovered Louisiana's Cajun and Zydeco music very much alive and thriving in the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived.

She soon found herself on the way to Lafayatte to experience firsthand the culture that she had come to love. Well, not only did Festival Acadiens have terrific music but also a wonderful selection of Cajun and Creole food as well as a most wonderful Native and Contemporary Crafts Show. She decided then and there that she had found the closest thing to heaven on earth.

It did not take long for her to become infatuated with southwest Louisiana(she even likes the hot weather!!!)........and sick of the fog,urban congestion, and isolation of her big city corporate life (not to mention her wardrobe of suits and pantyhose and heels........YUCK.) She enjoyed the sophisticated world of handmade rugs ( which she bought for Macys), but just was not happy.................. ..sooo........ she found an old house surrounded by oaks and banana trees out in Grand Coteau Louisiana(population 1100) and up and moved.........really, with no plan for the future (other than to get a "real job" eventually.......and to never wear pantyhose again).

Turns out that Grand Coteau is in the middle of horse and cow country ( Trish had always bugged her horse hating-father to take her riding for her birthday. One time her dad's horse decided to lie down and dump him off. One time her brother's horse ran all the way back to the stable. Several years ago Trish's ride dumped her off and she ended up in the hospital for a month...but that is another story)anyway......Grand Coteau is 10 miles south of the famous zydeco clubs of Slim's WiKiKi in Opelousas and Richard's in Lawtell...........and 10 miles north of El Sido's Zydeco and Blues Club and Hamilton's in Lafayette.....zydeco heaven.

A friend with a folk art gallery, knowing that Trish had studied art in the far and distant past (at Stanford University, of all places!), asked if she could make some jewelry for the shop............and that was the beginning of the beginning. First came the bottlecap earrings and necklaces, then the fish and armadillos........then someone said she should enter that Native and Contemporary Crafts Show herself........ and while there someone said she should enter JazzFest...and then someone asked to carry her work in his gallery..............

Now, having been here since 1999,, she still wakes up every day feeling blessed and lucky to be surrounded by wonderful and creative friends, to be able to walk her dog everyday through beautiful oak trees and lush foliage (she grew up in the barren desert of Taft, California), to zydeco every weekend and, most of all, to be able to make art whenever she wants.

(She still does not have "real job" and has not had to wear pantyhose.........well except to Beau Jocque's funeral).

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I like to do fish......send me your junk and let me make a fish for you!

Trish would like to thank all her volunteer scavengers, who like herself, cannot walk anywhere without looking on the ground for the next great piece of stuff........
Quentin and Jerry, Cheryl, Miss Joann Delafose ,Gail, Patsy, Missy, Don, Annie; the Wisconsin/Canada OctoberFest group, Sandy and Joe from Connecticut, Ian and Jeff from San Francisco, the international collectors Jana and Valerie: Mia, Miles and Julie from Texas, Keith from Arkansas and coast-to-coast,
........those anonymous donors who throw things over the fence, leave bags of stuff on the porches of galleries, send boxes in the mail...... (the postmaster loves to rattle every box I get, doing a "junk" check!).. THANK YOU -THANK YOU -THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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